CALLING ALL SCOUTS! Here’s how to get involved in the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade


The Phoenix Veterans Day Parade is a great, patriotic event – and a great way for Scouts to perform some important community service by distributing flags and programs! If your troop would like to get involved, here is everything you need to know.


First, contact Perry Mason, Principal of Mountain Sky Junior High School, the Wake Up! Club Sponsor. Prior to the event, he can be reached at perry.mason@wesdschools.org, or call 602-896-6105. (The day of the event, he can be reached at 602-757-0890.)


Programs and flags will be distributed out of Washington Elementary School District passenger vans. Mountain Sky Wake Up! Club students will be responsible for helping Scouts distribute the flags and programs, while maintaining safety around the vehicles.

north-phoenix-baptistWHERE & WHEN:

Scouts should meet at the North Phoenix Baptist Church on November 11 at 9:45 a.m., at the big star shown on the map at right. After everyone checks in and any possible changes to the plan are reviewed, everyone will proceed to the vans. Scouts will begin to walk down the parade route at approximately 10:30 a.m. (or whenever we are given the signal to start).


  • Central will only be open to parade traffic, so plan ahead to drop off near the church and walk to the meeting point. We will meet the distribution vans at Montebello and Central, where the parade officially begins.
  • Your vehicles can pick you up at 7th Street and Indian School, where the parade ends, but it will be congested there as well.
  • The light rail is a suggested way to avoid parking hassles. Introducing Scouts to public transportation might be a good learning opportunity. The closest stop to the start is at Camelback and Central, and within walking distance (1 mile, roughly 30 minutes). Near the end, there is a stop at Indian School and Central, so when the parade is over you can walk (0.6 of a mile, roughly 15 minutes). A walk through Steele Indian School Park is nice, too, but will take longer.


  • We know the Scouts are excited to give out items, and it often turns into a race to get the flags and programs into spectators’ hands – but we want this to be a fun experience with no injuries, or Scouts having negative interactions with crowd members. To that end, we will ask the adult leaders to supply and monitor their Scouts. We regulate the flow of items so Scouts will be forced to stay behind the vans, and therefore have a more even coverage of items all the way to the end of the parade.


  • Only uniformed parents/leaders walk in the parade with the Scouts. Obviously, this allows for a more unified look, but also makes it easier to spot people who do not belong with the Scouts.
  • If Scouts are present without a leader, they will not be allowed to participate unless some other unit leader claims responsibility for them. No unattached Scouts. (Note: If a non-uniformed parent wants to talk the route, it is easy to follow along in the crowd. We will be travelling at a slow enough pace, they will never lose sight of their child.)
  • Scouts should not get ahead of the vehicles. It is not a race. We want to be reverent and keep Scouts within sight.
  • It is recommended that Scouts go no further than the front layer of spectators. We do not want leaders losing sight of Scouts in the crowd.
  • Make sure the Scouts bring water. It still gets warm and it can be a long walk, especially when they are excited.
  • Leaders are recommended to bring a first-aid kit. Each year someone trips and skins a knee. Be prepared.

scout-distributionIn an attempt to keep a steady and safe pace, and to make sure we spread the programs and flags evenly along the route, we will assign groups to certain vans to work one side of the road or the other. The Wake Up! Club members will be responsible for handing the items from the van to Scout leaders, who can distribute the items to their Scouts. The Wake Up! Club members are there to prevent Scouts from approaching the vehicles.

We are excited about this 20th Annual Phoenix Veterans Day Parade and look forward to having our great area Scouts there to honor our veterans with us!